Trans-Mar Services Ltd.

The Company Trans – Mar Services Ltd is established 2006 in Varna with the main activity import, export and manufacturing of marine technical goods. We are a dynamic technical one stop wholesale company in maritime and industrial products. Every day we work hard to supply our customers in various trades with our products. The maritime industry is one of our most important target groups and ships do not wait! Flexibility and the ability to quickly anticipate situation are paramount. And this attitude proves helpful to all our customers: fast and accurate delivery, especially when it comes to the crunch.
As a stock-keeping marine wholesaler, we believe our prices, qualities and services are of utmost importance to our customers, and we will exert all efforts to meet your demands and needs, so as to estabilish a long term business relationship.
We are member of IMPA & ISSA. Trans-Mar Services is a reserved brand for all EU countries. We are certified by Bureau Veritas is standard ISO 9001:2008.

- PROVISIONS - We supply a complete range of fresh, frozen and dry provisions and we offer any kind of ethnic ingredients for multinational cuisine. Our purchasing departments, sources products from local and international suppliers, negotiate and deliver competitive prices to our customers. All products offered are available upon request and are delivered to the place and time requested.
We guarantee the quality of products offered through continuous monitoring and inspection of our suppliers storage facilities. Fresh products are delivered daily from local markets.
- CABIN STORES - We offer a complete range of cabin stores including everything from cloth and linen products, to tableware and galley equipment. Our product range varies in colors and sizes. We offer different qualities, upon request, and we are able to deliver any quantities needed. Please note that we can offer and supply galley and laundry equipment on 110V/ 220 V, 50/60 Hz.
- CHARTS & LOG BOOKS - as authorised partner of Global Navigation Sollution we offer a complete range of navigation charts (BA Charts), engine & deck log books, marine publications.
- DECK & ENGINE STORES - We can provide all kinds of accessories and nautical equipment
such as stationary, hardware, tools, bearings, bolts, screws etc. Products are supplied at any given time to your place of choice. Our purchasing managers constantly evaluate and test the equipment and tools supplied, in order to guarantee vessels’ smooth operation and crew’s safety. We can provide pneumatic or electric deck scaling machines and equipment.
- MARINE CHEMICALS - We can supply full range of marine chemicals from SEAWOLF and STARMARINE from our stock.
- We are certified manufacturer of Embarkation & Pilot rope Ladeder by RMRS/IACS member
- We are manufacturer of safety posters and IMO signs
- WAREHOUSE HUB - custom clearance, keeping on stock & delivery of spare parts or parcels in transit for all ships of our customers.

Trans-Mar Services Ltd.
Address: 6, Yan Hunyadi blvd. ; Warehouse Area Sortovi Semena
Phones: +359 52 979 898
+359 52 979 643
+359 52 917 022
Fax: +359 52 501 747
e-mail: – all enquiries and messages – enquiries for BA Chart & NP’s – catering service – enquiries for delivery & services in Romania

Contact person: Mr. Sergey Seropyan – founder & CEO
mob: +359 895 464 600
web site: